2 Step Story Problem

Bobby Joe had 18 country albums. He lent 5 of them to his friend big bertha. But big bertha broke 3 of them. How many albums does bobby Joe have left.

Boa had 56 apples. His friend ate 11 and 1 half. If boa ate half of the apples he had. How many apples does he have left.

3 10 year old Brothers had 30 toys each. Each year they got rid of 4 toys till they were 15 and got 4 new toys every year till they were 20. How many toys does he have left.


GOOD LUCK :):):):):):):):):):):):)

NASA creates a mosaic using over 1400 pictures

In my Happy News article” NASA creates a mosaic using over 1,400 photos of people waiving at spacecraft 900 million miles away. On July 19th NASA told people around the world to send in photos of them waiving to the space shuttle. Everybody can send by flicker, Facebook, twitter, Google+ and email. Overall people from 40 countries and 30 U.S. states sent pictures for this amazing mosaic.         For more info click the link below.mosaic



Sky Zone

thanks to Google images

thanks to Google images

Last Sunday I went to sky zone. The whole time I was there all I did was play dodge ball. When I was playing there was this kid who could do backflips. at sky zone there is also a free jump, foam pit and slam dunk the slam dunk has two heights short size and a tall height. At sky zone you need to where special socks that  have grips on the bottom so when you jump you don’t slip when you hit the ground. Its easier to get a jump time the day before so you don’t have to go the same day and going at 7:00 at night. sky zone is so much fun I think you should go!


hi let me tell you about creepers. creepers are mobs on minecraft. if you attack them then get to close then they’ll explode. I think creepers are awesome. I like creepers because they are the most destructive mob. There is another kind of creeper its the charged creeper. to make is to have a creeper get struck by lightning. look below for a picture of it

Minecraft PC

thanks to google

thanks to google

I love to play minecraft!!! it is so much fun. my skin is scary slenderman. my gamer tag is bathtub pirate.#awesome. in the game im building a giant mansion made out of butter, diamond, lapis luzla, and stone it is me and my friend help me build it. It took a week to build it but it was worth it. me and my other friend are working on a tnt city then were gonna blow it up


I had a really fun Christmas. I got so many toys. every year we always have a santa to pass out presents and a elf to say who its too and who its from. I was santa this year.It was so much fun. Here’s a list of what I got this year.

1. xbox360

2. recon robot

3. digital watch

4. lego white house

5. lego Brandenburg gate

6. under armour clothes

7. lego city set

8. Wilson football

9. xbox accessories

10. xbox games

by the way I am not trying to brag at all :):):):):):):):):)